Starlight Brownies

Brownies Topped with White Candy-Coated Chocolate Chips




Looking for a classic treat with a celestial twist that will blast you out of this world? Bored with the same, old box-mix brownies? Liven up your lunchbox, afternoon snack or midnight treat with Drake's® Starlight Brownies!

Our decadent brownies are chocolatey, and will satisfy your comfort food cravings. Then, we take them light years beyond by adding fun, white candy-coated chocolate chips that will have you stargazing before taking your first monumental bite of stellar deliciousness.

Drake's® Starlight Brownies are individually wrapped making them all ready to slip into your bag for your daily voyage. They come six per box, so grabbing a few would be perfect for your space-themed celebration or meteor shower viewing party. Whether it's for a once in a lifetime extraterrestrial event of just your daily earthly life, Starlight Brownies might just be your perfect snack.

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

Starlight Brownies

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