Donut Delites

Frosted or Powdered Mini Donuts



Drake's Donut Delites are exactly what you need if you love having choices and making your own decisions. You're completely in control when it comes to enjoying these delicious morsels.

Your first choice: which donut should you get? It's not a trick question and there's not a wrong answer. It's up to you! Do you want the Donut Delites that are enrobed in a velvety, chocolaty coating? Or the Donut Delites rolled in airy white powdered deliciousness? If you can't choose, then grab both! We wouldn't blame you.

Your next choice is quantity. Drake's Donut Delites are packaged in a reclosable bag, so how many donuts you have is your choice. Have a couple or have a lot. Share with a friend or eat the whole bag yourself. It's your life! Eat like it. 

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

certified kosher