Fruit Pies

Apple or Cherry personal pies




As an American classic, you don't need a holiday or a special reason to enjoy these Drake's Fruit Pies. With the choice between two of the nation's favorite pies, apple and cherry, Drake's Fruit Pies can satisfy any pie craving without making you bust out the pans and rolling pins.

Biting into our fruit pies starts with the flaky crust covered with a sweet glaze. Then you get the gush of real fruit filling of either apple or cherry. The toughest thing about these pies is deciding which fruit filling you love more.

Each carton contains eight individually wrapped pies, making them the easiest on-the-go pie out there. Or, unwrap them and lay them out nice to impress your relatives at your next family cookout. The possibilities are endless. 

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

certified kosher