The History
of Drake's Cakes


Newman E. Drake

Developed his pound cake recipe after visiting an English bakery. That recipe would be famous in a few short years.


Drake Baking Company

Newman Drake opened his first bakery in Brooklyn, New York. He sold his pound cake by the slice or by the pound. Total sales for the first day were $3.24.


Drake Brothers Bakery

Joining his brother Charles, Newman formed the Drake Brothers Bakery. They began using horse-drawn carriages for deliveries.


Pure Food

The Drake Brothers Bakery had become a million-dollar company with their pound cake and sponge cake. The company slogan was Pure Food.


A New Favorite

The company began producing golden Coffee Cakes topped with cinnamon streusel, which became a consumer favorite. In just two more years, the Drake Brothers Bakery became a two-million dollar company.


Devil Dogs®

Drake Brothers Bakery began producing Devil Dogs®. Two delicious devil’s food cakes with creme filling soon became a popular snack. Today, Devil Dogs® are an icon of the Drake’s brand.


Newman Drake Passes

Drake Brothers Bakery mourned the death of their founder and Chairman of the Board, Newman Drake. Despite the stock market crash, Drake’s gross sales were $6.7 million that year.


Market Growth

By 1944, gross sales for Drake’s products had grown to $12.1 million.


Ring Ding®

Moist, round, chocolate-coated and creme filled, Ring Ding® cakes were introduced.



Devil's food cake, rolled with creme and covered in chocolate, Yodels® were first produced.


Wayne, New Jersey

After 82 years, manufacturing and executive offices for the Drake’s Bakery were moved from Brooklyn, New York, to Wayne, New Jersey.


Family Owned Once Again

Drake’s is purchased by McKee Foods in April 2013. The family-owned bakery continues on with the line of traditional Drake’s baked goods.

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