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Yesterday, 12:00 PM ET
Speak of the Devil Dogs, was that a growling stomach we just heard?
June 30, 2:49 PM ET
Get the Ring Dings. You deserve a treat!
June 30, 11:49 AM ET
Finding your favorite Drake's Cakes in stores is easier than ever.
June 29, 2:52 PM ET
The key to a happier Monday? A lunchtime Yodel.
June 26, 10:39 AM ET
Coffee Cakes: For mornings that call for breakfast on the go.
June 25, 3:24 PM ET
Love baseball? Check out our Fruit Pie boxes for details on "The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip" book.
June 25, 12:17 PM ET
Devil Dogs were first created in 1923. #ThrowbackThursday
June 24, 2:31 PM ET
Did you like Ring Dings as a kid? How about now?
June 23, 2:42 PM ET
Which flavor is your favorite?
June 23, 10:47 AM ET
Can't find your favorite Drakes Cakes? Use our product locator.
June 22, 1:56 PM ET
With two per pack, who would you share your Devil Dogs with?
June 21, 2:11 PM ET
Happy Father's Day to the men who deserve all the Coffee Cakes in the world!
June 19, 2:50 PM ET
Whether you take your cup of joe decaf or regular, a Coffee Cake is the perfect pairing.
June 19, 10:53 AM ET
A reminder to our loyal Drake's fans: Funny Bones will return to store shelves this fall with all their peanut buttery goodness…It's gonna be a long summer. Check back here periodically for updates as the event draws closer.
June 18, 3:43 PM ET
Which Drake's Cakes is your soul mate?
June 18, 12:21 PM ET
The Drake Brothers Bakery made its first deliveries using horse-drawn carriages. #ThrowbackThursday
June 17, 4:08 PM ET
Finding your favorite Drake's Cakes has never been easier. Use our product locator now:
June 17, 12:37 PM ET
I'm rich devil's food cake, rolled with a layer of vanilla-flavored creme and covered in frosting. Who am I?
June 16, 10:43 AM ET
Feeling grumpy this morning? Eat a Coffee Cake. It's like waking up on the right side of the bed.
June 15, 11:03 PM ET
Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup! Now, go fill it with Drakes Cakes
June 15, 2:26 PM ET
We wish it were raining cats and Devil Dogs. (Or maybe just Devil Dogs.)
June 12, 2:18 PM ET
We don't know if a T-Rex could Yodel or not, but if he could it's safe to say it be for his favorite Drake's Cakes!
June 12, 11:53 AM ET
Hitting the road soon? Devil Dogs make a delicious road trip snack.
June 11, 4:53 PM ET
The Drake's Cake brand celebrated its centennial April 8, 1988. #ThrowbackThursday
June 11, 2:28 PM ET
Look closely – our boxes of Fruit Pies have details about "The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip" book.

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