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Today, 9:20 AM ET
#DevilDogDays of summer.
Yesterday, 11:09 AM ET
Craving Coffee Cakes? We don't blame you.
June 24, 11:16 AM ET
Yodels: things you need right now. #TGIF
June 23, 9:55 AM ET
Sharing is overrated. #ListenToYourCraving
June 22, 9:55 AM ET
Ring Dings are not for sharing. Get your own. #ListenToYourCraving
June 21, 10:05 AM ET
Never learned to share? Fine with us. #DevilDogDays
June 20, 2:28 PM ET
Happy #FirstDayofSummer. Now go find a reason to get outside!
June 17, 10:09 AM ET
How would you like to win a case of Devil Dogs to celebrate #DevilDogDays? Follow us on Twitter now to find out how you can be one lucky duck (like Webster!).
June 16, 9:35 AM ET
We just want someone to look at us the way you look at Funny Bones. #RelationshipGoals
June 15, 10:03 AM ET
90 years looks good on you. Happy birthday, Devil Dogs. #DevilDogDays
June 14, 8:34 AM ET
What emojis best describe your love of Ring Dings?
June 13, 11:41 AM ET
There's a winner everyday for the 120 Days of Giveaways. Enter now for your chance to win!
June 10, 11:04 AM ET
What's your snacking philosophy?
June 9, 1:07 PM ET
Things you share: recipes. Things you don't share: your Drake's Coffee Cakes.
June 8, 7:49 AM ET
Things you share: cab rides. Things you don't share: Devil Dogs. #DevilDogDays
June 7, 4:40 PM ET
Drake's. Now.
June 6, 10:13 AM ET
‘Bout that cake... #ListenToYourCraving
June 3, 10:35 AM ET
Happy 90th, you Devil Dogs, you. #DevilDogDays
June 2, 11:39 AM ET
#ListenToYourCraving for some Ring Dings.
June 1, 3:44 PM ET
Devil Dogs: share or don't share?
May 31, 8:57 AM ET
Which one are you craving? #ListenToyourCraving
May 27, 10:13 AM ET
Funny Bones remind me of __________.
May 26, 2:33 PM ET
#ThursdayTip: Listen to your craving.
May 25, 2:46 PM ET
Grab a Yodel for your midafternoon pick-me-up!
May 24, 9:55 AM ET
What's the best part about Devil Dogs: the cake or the creme?

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