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Today, 2:46 PM ET
On its opening day, Drake Baking Company sales totaled $3.24. #TriviaTuesday
Yesterday, 2:24 PM ET
If you like it, you need to put a Ring Ding on it. #ListenToYourCraving
February 5, 11:58 AM ET
Listen to your craving and stock up for the big game!
February 4, 2:27 PM ET
A big addition to the Drake's lineup is coming soon. How far will you go to satisfy your craving? #WorthIt
February 3, 5:05 PM ET
Who would you share your Yodels with?
February 2, 4:29 PM ET
Did you know February is National Cherry Month? Grab a Fruit Pie and celebrate properly! #ListenToYourCraving
February 1, 3:46 PM ET
Can you guess why we're bursting with excitement? #ListenToYourCraving
January 29, 4:34 PM ET
Want to know if your state is next to get our Drake's Cakes? Click here and sign up for our newsletter. And be sure to follow Drake's on Facebook and Twitter.
January 28, 5:15 PM ET
Where is your favorite place to enjoy a Ring Ding?
January 27, 2:54 PM ET
Chocolate + peanut butter = Funny Bones #NationalChocolateCakeDay
January 26, 4:49 PM ET
Trivia Tuesday: When were Yodels first produced?
January 25, 12:04 PM ET
Start your week right with a coffee cake.
January 22, 11:21 AM ET
Ring in your weekend with a Ring Ding!
January 21, 11:52 AM ET
Listen to your craving. It's YODEL-ing at you.
January 20, 5:23 PM ET
New year, old favorites. We're bringing back another Drake's classic. Can you guess what it will be?
January 19, 3:53 PM ET
Snack time? Send in the Devil Dogs.
January 15, 11:01 AM ET
Listen to your craving. Find Drake's Cakes near you!
January 14, 11:22 AM ET
What's the best part about Funny Bones (the cake, not your elbow)?
January 13, 2:34 PM ET
“You couldn't ignore me if you tried.” – Devil Dogs
January 12, 11:01 AM ET
Two pies are packaged in each wrap, so you can have one now and save one for later... Or NOT!
January 11, 2:52 PM ET
#MondayMotivation: Listen to your craving for Ring Dings.
January 8, 10:30 AM ET
Your craving has led you to our product locator. Search here and find the snacks you love.
January 7, 12:18 PM ET
Midnight snacking: the reason refrigerators come with light bulbs. Grab some milk and enjoy.
January 6, 2:31 PM ET
#WednesdayWisdom: Listen to your craving for Fruit Pies.
January 5, 10:32 AM ET
Trivia Tuesday: In 1988, Drake's Cakes celebrated a very big birthday. How old were we that year?

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