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September 12, 11:50 AM ET
In the Baltimore area? Visit Webster at the ferris wheel at the Star Spangled Spectacular event for some all-American fun and free samples! http://www.starspangled200.com/star-spangled-spectacular/
September 10, 12:22 PM ET
There are five twin-wraps in every box of Yodels... how long would they last in your house? http://drakescake.com/www/docs/103/yodels
September 9, 6:00 PM ET
Add a little happy to your morning with Coffee Cakes! http://www.drakescake.com/www/docs/101/coffee-cakes
September 8, 12:00 PM ET
Fact: Drake's Donut Delites can help turn a regular day into the best day ever.
September 4, 11:17 AM ET
A classic Fruit Pie is the perfect all-American treat. http://www.drakescake.com/www/cakes
September 3, 2:57 PM ET
Nothing beats the original: Grab a Devil Dog today!
September 2, 11:50 AM ET
What is your favorite Drake's Cake? http://www.drakescake.com/www/cakes
August 29, 2:24 PM ET
Our product locator is always there when you're looking for delicious Drake's Cakes near you! http://drakescakes.com/www/findlocation
August 28, 4:47 PM ET
Don't you just love some cold milk with your Ring Dings?
August 27, 8:08 PM ET
Drake's Apple Pies were first baked 50 years ago. Celebrate with one today, tomorrow or any day! http://drakescakes.com/www/docs/134/apple-fruit-pies
August 26, 11:35 AM ET
Today is National Dog Day, and we are partial to one in particular...
August 25, 4:15 PM ET
Our Fruit Pies are back and better than ever. Listen to your craving and grab one today!
August 21, 11:31 AM ET
Are you a Drake's superfan? Prove it: http://www.drakescake.com/www/docs/8.53/newsletter
August 20, 11:09 AM ET
Fruit Pies are BACK! Want some of your own? Just LIKE this post and tell us below who you would SHARE your Drake's Fruit Pies with. On Monday, one random winner will be chosen to receive a case for themselves and one for a friend they listed! *This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
August 19, 9:31 AM ET
You may grab a bag for the kids, but there's nothing wrong with indulging in one for yourself. You deserve it!
August 18, 11:13 AM ET
Who was your biggest competition in Little League as a kid?
August 15, 12:23 PM ET
Stop hunting for your favorite Drake's Cakes – find them nearby with our product locator: http://www.drakescake.com/www/findlocation
August 14, 11:45 AM ET
Did you know that Drake's Fruit Pies are on the shelves? Spread the word! http://drakescake.com/www/docs/135/cherry-fruit-pies
August 13, 11:07 AM ET
Coffee Cakes, Donut Delites, Mini Muffins, Pastries... What is your favorite Drake's breakfast?
August 12, 12:42 PM ET
Have you had a Drake's Apple Pie lately? They're back! http://drakescake.com/www/docs/134/apple-fruit-pies
August 11, 9:28 AM ET
As a kid, my favorite TV show to watch while eating a Drake's Cake was _________. (Fill in the blank!)
August 8, 12:02 PM ET
Have you tried the delicious Drake's Fruit Pies now that they are back?!
August 7, 11:30 AM ET
Fruit Pies are back! Have you had our Apple Pie yet?
August 6, 3:58 PM ET
Fruit Pies are back! Have tried Cherry yet? http://drakescakes.com/www/docs/135/cherry-fruit-pies
August 6, 12:13 PM ET
Everyone loves Ring Dings, right?

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