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Today, 1:39 PM ET
Hungry? Get your hands on a deliciously snackable, single-serve Cherry Fruit Pie.
Yesterday, 11:41 AM ET
The Drake Baking Company made a grand total of $3.24 on its first day of sales. #ThrowbackThursday
March 4, 3:43 PM ET
It's National Pound Cake Day! Did you know that pound cake was the first Drake's product ever sold?
March 4, 12:00 PM ET
All you need is LOVE, and Webster loves Drake's fans! Thanks for guessing this week! #WheresWebster
March 3, 2:37 PM ET
What's that? Oh, just your sweet tooth calling.
March 2, 1:08 PM ET
Still have the sleepies? Wake up with Coffee Cakes!
February 27, 4:28 PM ET
We don't know about you, but all we see is blue and orange. #thedress #blueandorange #teamdrakescakes
February 26, 4:11 PM ET
Pick a Fruit Pie flavor: apple or cherry?
February 26, 12:42 PM ET
Which Drake's Cake was your favorite as a kid? #ThrowbackThursday
February 25, 5:14 PM ET
All you need is… Webster! Can you guess where he is hanging out today? #WheresWebster
February 25, 2:56 PM ET
Who's your team: Knicks or Celtics? Don't forget your favorite snack while you watch the game tonight!
February 25, 11:50 AM ET
Webster was at the Washington Monument! Did you guess correctly? Check back soon for another chance at #WheresWebster.
February 24, 12:18 PM ET
Good news for Devil Dog fans: It's Celebration of Chocolate Month!
February 23, 3:56 PM ET
Monday can't dish out anything our donuts can't fix.
February 20, 12:28 PM ET
These cake pops (made with Ring Dings and in the form of a certain famous mouse) are too cute for words.
February 19, 2:57 PM ET
Fruit Pies are back! Have you seen them on shelves near you?
February 19, 11:43 AM ET
Did you know: The sales total for Drake Baking Company's first day was $3.24. #ThrowbackThursday
February 18, 3:34 PM ET
Can you guess where our favorite duck is today? #WheresWebster
February 18, 12:22 PM ET
Well done to all the New Yorkers who correctly guessed that Webster was at the Brooklyn Bridge!
February 17, 12:02 PM ET
Don't ignore that craving. Find Drake's Cakes near you.
February 16, 12:30 PM ET
Grab a box: There's no better way to celebrate Great American Pie Month!
February 13, 11:05 AM ET
Need a last-minute Valentine's Day gift? We have some sweet ideas.
February 12, 3:43 PM ET
Hey, New Yorkers! Did you see something you've been craving at Rockefeller Center station?
February 12, 10:51 AM ET
The Drake Brothers Bakery introduced Coffee Cakes almost 100 years ago, in 1916. #ThrowbackThursday
February 11, 2:45 PM ET
Webster loves this bridge. But which one is it? #WheresWebster

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